Office Pool Tracker is a tool for you to track your "office" pools for sporting events and entertainment events. 

The site is easy to navigate. Each pool category has a navigational page on the menu bar. When you go to that page, there will be links to each specific pool for that category. The specific pool page provides the rules for the pool along with screen shots for the pool player and the pool commissioner.

Each pool page will also give you instructions on how to start a pool as a commissioner or join a pool as a player. A pool will carry a status of Public, Private, or Semi-Private.

A Public pool will allow any participants that visit the site and want to jon the pool. A Private pool is by invite only, i.e. participants must be invited by the commissioner. A Semi-Private pool will allow visitors to contact the commissioner and ask for admittance into the pool.
Sports, Casino, Horse Racing, American Idol, Other Gaming

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